Geelong Past Players and Officials Club (GPPOC) Inc

Since 1933, the former players and officials of the Geelong Football Club have been able to get together at home matches, talk over the past and watch the game together as representatives who were once out on the field.

Geelong has a strong tradition that is built on team work and unity, being a cornerstone institution of the Geelong community, much of which can be attributed to the loyalty and support of the past players and officials.

The core objectives of the GPPOC are:

  • to maintain and foster an association of past players and officials of the Geelong Football Club Limited,
  • to maintain and foster social activities and pastimes for members and to provide and maintain facilities for such activities, and
  • to assist and promote the Geelong Football Club Limited

In a nutshell the main endeavour of the club is “to look after our own”, whether that’s through match day gatherings, organising preferential seating at home games, arranging scheduled annual events for players & officials to catch up, or through the provision of welfare and support for those from our club who are “doing it tough”.

The club has seen a steady resurgence in the number of past players visiting the club and enjoying the refreshments and camaraderie offered, and we aim to progress this further over the coming years.

Like many volunteer groups, the GPPOC is reliant on support from the business sector. We are happy to promote businesses and companies who sponsor the GPPOC functions and activities. The various businesses contacts and details of our sponsors are included on the sponsors page. Please support them.

Our aim is to have a complete data base of all past players and officials and we invite you to update your details or register for the first time. We are hoping to grow the support of players from recent eras, which will provide the energy to further develop the scope of the GPPOC. For registration as a member of the GPPOC, please visit our membership page.